Industrial is the debut collection from ISAMAYA. This high concept drop symbolises ISAMAYA’s commitment to the unadulterated and empowered individual. Smart tools, a versatile palette and reusable hardware including wearable rings and earrings — designed to inspire you to look at beauty through a different lens.

Industrial charity spotlight

We’ve chosen to partner with organisations supporting environmental and societal nitiatives that matter to us. It is a priority that we cultivate meaningfully credible and genuine partnerships, and innovate through collaboration. Donations alone are not sufficient to offset our impact.

For our first collection Industrial, we have partnered with The Worldwide Tribe. The Worldwide Tribe produces creative content to bring personal, human perspectives to The Refugee Crisis, the largest humanitarian crisis of our time.

The Worldwide Tribe uses film, photography and storytelling to raise awareness and support grassroots projects, making a direct impact on people on the ground.

Through The Asylum Speakers Podcast, we hear from people leaving their countries and the volunteers working alongside them. Those currently living in refugee camps and those working on the front line. The podcast aims to un-pick any stereotypes around ‘refugees', ‘asylum seekers’ and ‘illegal immigrants', and dissolve our fear of the ‘other’. Refuting stereotypes resonates with Isamaya’s approach to beauty and supporting refugees has been close to Isamaya’s heart for many years, having volunteered in a Refugee Centre in Stoke Newington. ISAMAYA will be supporting WWT throughout the Industrial drop by listening, amplifying and donating.