Sculpt 01


Face + Scalp Tool

Estimated delivery date: 13-16th August

Engineered to contour and refine, SCULPT 01 is our chrome secret to chiselling out the contours of your face, improving circulation and smoothing away puffiness. Designed in collaboration with FACEGYM, it features multi-use edges that target different areas of the face and scalp. Tightening with angular precision, it enhances deep-rooted tension release while aiding in lymphatic drainage – the ultimate weapon against dullness, lost definition and sagging. Facial fitness meets makeup artistry.

– Created for dual use across both facial and scalp massages.
– Crafted from high-quality materials that retain coolness to soothe the skin.
– Shapes and tones with every stroke. Promotes the appearance of tighter skin, collagen synthesis and encourages long-term skin and hair health.
– Accompanied by a QR code linking to exclusive tutorials and routines crafted by Isamaya and FACEGYM trainers.

– Comb: Use on the neck to stimulate the lymphatic system.
– Large Curved Edge: Perfect for contouring cheeks and nasolabial folds.
– Ball Tip: Targets reflexology points along the brow for a natural lift.
– Scalp Claw: Helps relieve scalp tension to promote overall scalp and hair health

Firmly glide SCULPT 01 across the skin with our SKINLACQ Triple Hyaluronic Glow Serum for a healthy dose of hydration.

Packaging: FSC Cardboard

Made in PRC

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