ISAMAYA knows that nothing new is made without impact.

Our goal is to do more with less. We’ll aim to deliver innovative formulas that inspire makeup lovers to use every last drop in addition to designing out packaging waste from the start, whilst complying with strict cosmetic safety standards.

Each ISAMAYA collection will offer thoughtful, desirable objects with longevity; items to be enjoyed well beyond their initial purpose. To further our commitment, we’re working with a sustainability consultant to support us in taking the right steps at the right time, and ensure we’re proactive in our approach to building this brand ethically and responsibly.

Isamaya is bringing you on this journey. As we learn, you learn.


ISAMAYA applies creative hardware design to maximize the usefulness of our product. Each collection features reusable components and where possible, our gift and jewellery boxes are designed to have the interior removed and customized for further use.

We’re conscious of the ingredients and packaging sources of our product and guarantee that all our paper packaging is 100% FSC certified cardboard. Where possible, we use 30% post-consumer resin (PCR) in our plastic packaging. To maintain our ethos of beauty without conflict, we’ve ensured ground-floor requirements for product building.

Our products are Vegan & Cruelty free, unless noted. We work with suppliers vetted by Ethical Audit and the Responsible Minerals Initiative to safeguard against the unethical supply of mica, and ingredients derived from palm oil come from RSPO certified sources.

In addition, we and our suppliers stand against Conflict Materials, opting to not purchase source materials that finance or facilitate the exploitation of vulnerable people. We’re will continue addressing our concerns to suppliers directly, seeking better alternatives globally as we grow.

By choosing suppliers that share our values, we help lessen ecosystem damage and the exploitation of workers.


One of ISAMAYA’s long-term goals is to reduce its impact on the environment. We are approaching each new collection as limited runs, designed with reusable features intended to be repurposed. For ISAMAYA, it’s important that each item in the collection becomes a desirable object with longevity; an item to be enjoyed well beyond its initial purpose. ISAMAYA is working with a sustainability consultant and partnering with organisations that support social and environmental initiatives that matter to Isamaya. For the WILD STAR Collection we have chosen to partner with the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) who are a nonprofit organisation fighting to ensure the future of America's iconic wild horses and burros as well as the Western public lands where they roam. It works to reform the cruel and costly federal wild horse and burro roundup program and replace it with humane management that keeps wild horses and burros wild, protected, and free. We will be working with the AWHC to amplify their cause.